Grays GR7000 Jumbow Composite Hockey Stick


Introducing the NEW Grays GR7000 Jumbow

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Introducing the NEW Grays GR7000 Jumbow

GR – Graphene
All sticks form the GR range have been enhanced with Graphene for maximum power and performance. The properties of Graphene enable the stick to be light yet exceptionally strong. This has then been combined with the highly successful GX composition to forge the GR technology.

Jumbow 24.75 at 200mm
-A combination of the probow low curve, with the long sweep of the dynabow
-Result is a dynamic stick which provides all round performance
-The thick profile of the head provides superior tackling,
-Also excels in traditional striking

Headshape – Maxi
The maxi headshape is at a 45 degree angle and is a traditional shape designed for hitting

Comparitive detail
Weights – L,M
Power Rating – High
Feel Rating – High
Balance points – 38-39
Composition – Graphene, Carbon Aramid
Carbon – Tri Tec
Grip – Twintex

Extra features
Pro dampening handle – A lightweight high-performance foam is moulded around the handle to efficiently dissipate shockwaves
Improved Feel Area – A special combination of shock-absorbing aramid and fibreglass softens thefirst touch of the ball, while a textured surface helps grip the ball.
Durazone heel protection – An advanced formulation of abrasion-resistant materials which dramatically reduces heel wear.
Carbon edge protection – Mid-level edge protection featuring carbon and aramid.